The next upcoming international workshop in Psychogenealogy and Transgenerational Therapy, “Lights and Shadows of our Ancestors”, with Manuela Maciel and Leandra Perrotta, will be held on the 4th/5th June 2022.

This workshop is designed to give an opportunity for personal exploration and professional development, in a safe and supportive environment. We will engage with relevant theories as well as understand and experience Transgenerational Methods. The workshop is valid for the CPTT training. More news soon!

Dates for the current CPTT training to become Practitioner in Psychogenealogy and Transgenerational Therapy, and the upcoming ACPTT training to become Advanced Practitioner in Psychogenealogy and Transgenerational Therapy are to be found on the Certification page.

Overview of the Workshop “Transgenerational Psychodrama and Psychogenealogy”

Transgenerational Psychodrama works with family co-unconscious (J.L. Moreno), invisible loyalities (Boszormenyi Nagy) and repetitive patterns resulting from from unresolved trauma.

These traumatic and dysfunctional patterns tend to repeat themselves following the Zeigernick effect that will be repeated generation after generation in the family, until someone becomes aware and the meaning of the entanglement is finally clarified.

Our goal is to clarify and transform the dysfunctional psychological invisible loyalties and life scripts from people of previous generations with whom there was some unfinished business or traumatic event.

We will use active methods such as psychodrama, toys sculptures, genosociogram and psychogenalogy exercises as well as a theoretical presentation and discussion about the main concepts involved.